Drone: Shadow Strike content update: Dictator campaign!

A new year means a whole new level of carnage in the latest campaign to hit Drone: Shadow Strike — the Dictator region! No matter how much firepower you have, you’re gonna need some serious skills — and more than one measly nuke — to survive the deadliest of regions, ruled by one dastardly dictator.


Before you run off to play, check out this rundown of what’s new in the game:

New Missions

  • Added the new Dictator campaign featuring 5 new missions, new enemies, landscapes, buildings, and 15 new challenges per mission

Existing Missions

  • Tuned enemies and missions responding to player feedback, particularly regarding challenges and units in later missions
  • Improved performance for lower-end devices
  • Adjusted difficulty balancing to better jive with how players progress through the game — and no, that doesn’t mean it’s easier.


New Enemy Units

  • Rocket and missile-repellent tanks
  • Tanks with anti-aircraft rocket ability
  • Helicopters that fire anti-aircraft rockets
  • Boss tank class that’s very, very tough to kill — find him in the final node of the Dictator campaign

Beef up your arsenal, and get ready for swarms of unrelenting enemies. The Dictator region awaits!

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